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Anthony Hunter

Aloha! I'm Anthony and I started my career as a tattooer while stationed with A Co 1/3 on a deployment to Okinawa Japan in 1993. Upon exiting the Marine Corps in '98 I decided to stay in Hawaii and was fortunate enough to be offered a job working in Kaneohe at a place called Skin FX Tattoo where I was further mentored by a talented tattoo artist named Lisa. Besides Okinawa and Kaneohe where I got my start, I've worked in Kailua, Paia Maui, a few shops on the mainland as well as here in Waikiki. I love doing all styles of tattooing including realism, lettering, custom freehand polynesian, full color traditional as well as black grey traditional, black and greywash or black and white.  Come on through and let's get you your new tattoo today!

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